an analogy of B



do you watch Modern Family? if so, you will totally appreciate this analogy. if not, you should. you really, really should. the funniest show on television, by far. anyways…

i am married to Jay Pritchett.

if only that meant i was Gloria… *sigh* but seriously, my B is turning into Jay Pritchett. 

if you don’t watch the show *gasp* (do it now! go!), i guess i should tell you about Jay. he’s in his sixties (double B’s age, mind you!), the father of the bunch, and married to the stunning Sofia Vergara (Gloria). he’s an old Navy man with a gruff exterior, but in reality he is a huge marshmallow. in a nutshell, i would say that Jay is outspoken, an excellent complainer, and always a tad cantankerous. but somehow manages to be charming, i think. oh, and he loves a good scotch. 

how is this B, you ask?

exhibit A: we went from having sandwiches to cocktails due to a lack of parking…

today after church we drove to Rice Village to get a quick bite to eat. i suggested Zoe’s Kitchen. it’s yummy, inexpensive, and fast. B had major studying to do y’all. so we locate Zoe’s and circle the block a couple of times looking for parking. then we drive down a block. then 2 blocks and contemplated walking in our church clothes. then debated over paying for the parking garage. finally, an exasperated B sees a trendy looking restaurant on the corner and asks if i had heard of it. yes, i heard it was good. before i knew it, he had whipped into the valet line and *grumble, grumble, grumble* something about “the d*mn parking” *grumble, grumble, grumble.*

so instead of a quick, inexpensive meal, we valet parked and spent way more than we intended on a fancy brunch. ha! and it. was. amazing. i had the most delicious peach bellini in the entire world. seriously- it was like an alcoholic snow cone. and B was a happy, fun date. he just had zero patience for the parking…

exhibit B: he rescheduled his own birthday celebration because he was just too darn d*mn tired… (let’s be real here- Jay and B would both say d*mn.)

his birthday was earlier this month and it fell during a particularly difficult week. B preferred his birthday float on by without any sort of recognition…we’re kind of at that age- they’re not so fun anymore- but i said he had to pick something. he chose a steak dinner and we made plans to go out the weekend following his actual birthday. but after taking 4 exams in 5 days, the boy was low on sleep and enthusiasm. it took us an entire week to declare a re-do. i booked him a massage (to make up for the fact that i didn’t even buy him a b-day gift #wifefail) and i made a reservation at a nice steakhouse he’s been wanting to try. oh and i let him pick out a bottle of scotch. that’s all the boy really wanted- red meat and scotch.


so just for fun and in honor of his birthday, i asked made B participate in a (mostly) rapid fire interview. if i had a video camera, i would have recorded this Modern Family style with him sitting on the sofa, but this will have to do. i hope it’s a fun way to get to know the smart, insightful, witty man that i married. the guy who wants to discuss world events and politics over breakfast. the fella who eats the exact same thing for breakfast (seriously, i call it the ‘B Special’) every single day. the dude who is so tough he makes me feel safe, but is so kind he takes me shopping. what a guy!

what would you rather be doing today on your birthday?
B- fly fishing.
N- what? so random. have you ever even been fly fishing?
B- no, but today seems like a good day to start.

seriously, what would you like to do for your birthday?
B- pretend it didn’t happen.
N- awwwwww, so sad.

B- i thought this was supposed to be rapid fire. i protest.
N- okay, okay. here goes.

favorite television show?

favorite food?
prime rib.

favorite beverage?
McAllen 18.

(it ain’t cheap to feed this boy!)

what television character do you most identify with?
Rick Grimes from “The Walking Dead” and of course, Jay Pritchett.

what would be your weapon of choice in the zombie apocalypse?
samurai sword/katana.

what’s your favorite thing about me?
your personality.

what’s your favorite thing about Lola? *snickering*
that she sleeps…a lot.

favorite book?
any book out of the Vince Flynn, Mitch Rapp series.

if you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?
Pope Francis. even though i’m not Catholic, he’s high on the list.

place you would most like to travel to?
Emirates stadium in London to watch Arsenal play.

this is a loaded question…but if you could do anything other than be a doctor, what would you do?
day trader. well, wait…do you mean anything? i would be a professional soccer player if i had the skill, but that’s not what you’re asking so i guess day trader. or maybe a professional poker player.

okay, so here’s a good follow up question…what do you want to do next year for your birthday?
B- go to las Vegas.
N- yep, knew before i asked. 12 months to save your pennies.

what is your biggest hope for this year?
B- turks and caicos is pretty high on that list.
N- heck yeah!
B- my biggest hope would be to just enjoy this time for what it is.

what is your biggest fear? and it can be something silly, because you could go dark really fast…
B- *laughing* snakes. i hate snakes.
N- what is mine?
B- getting stabbed in the shower.
N- yeahhhh, scary sh*t. (i watched Psycho at a formative age. that scene stuck with me.)

how do you feel about being featured on the happy redhead?
B: it’s quite awkward, really.
N: think your friends will laugh?
B: i don’t know that my friends read your blog.
N: ouch. rude.

if you were on survivor, how would you win?
those are trade secrets. i can’t divulge that.

what would be your best survival skill? it doesn’t have to be physical…
knowing when to be quiet.

i saved this little gem for last. it’s my favorite…

if you were stranded on a deserted island, by yourself- not on Survivor but in real life, what three items would you want with you?
B: a coffee pot. with coffee. can that just be one?
N: ok, i’ll give you that.
B: a satellite tv.
N: oh my gosh. okay.
B: and a cow.
N: so you could milk it or eat it?
B: hmmmm, maybe i’ll have to forgo the satellite tv for a bull. so then i can have cattle.
N: so you’re basically going to turn your deserted island into a cattle ranch? *laughing* is that what i just heard?
B: uh yeah, i guess that is what you just heard.
N: so to recap- coffee, a cow, and a bull. i guess you can take the boy out of West Texas, but you can’t take the West Texas out of the boy.

cheers to you, my “old soul.” you get more handsome every year.


happiness is…celebrating my man.

remember me?

has it really been 30 days since i wrote a blog post? if you and i were texting, this would be the part where i insert that wide-eyed, embarrassed/surprised looking emoji.

you know, this one…


it wasn’t even a conscious decision on my part. i didn’t give up blogging for Lent, i didn’t run out of things to say, i just, i don’t know…let it slip? i really wish i could report that in the last 30 days, i had some sort of life-affirming experience or attended super fun events, but in reality i have spent the last month working on…


how adult and boring of me, right?

and i think i’m getting there. hooray! i gave myself a deadline and decided that i had until the end of the first quarter of the year to “pull my sh*t together.” (i have a funny story about that phrase. remind me to tell it to you sometime. it involves B yelling, me fainting, and ugly crying. gosh, it’s a good one. i’ll tell it sooner than later, promise.) but anyways, back to the first quarter…salespeople do everything in quarters by the way…April 1 marks the beginning of Q2 and i am feeling ready and able.

i guess when you’re a grown up, life becomes a series of buckets. you want to carry them all, you need to carry them all, but if one is sloshing over the side and the other is empty, you’re likely to lose your balance, fall, and bust your face. we all have different buckets i suppose, but mine mostly consist of B, work, church, exercise, and blogging.

for a while there, my work bucket was overflowing and everything else seemed to suffer. this was to be expected since i started a new job in January and had to quickly learn new products, new customers, and a new territory. aaaaaand get used to driving all day every day in Houston. do not let that be lost on you. at 16 years old, i learned to drive in a small town of only seven thousand people, where i never actually learned a street name and thought you could turn left on red for at least two years. one near death experience at malfunction junction (yes, that’s what we called it. told ya- no street names.) with girlfriends screaming from the backseat taught me otherwise. now i can navigate Houston like a boss. well, at least the southeast section of it. i’m pretty darn proud of myself. i have also grown accustomed to the longer work days and don’t feel nearly as tired as i did a month ago. (read about that in my last post here.) we have pretty consistently made it to church and have even joined a small group. i also had the luxury of wonderful time with B over his spring break this month. we took advantage of every moment. i miraculously made it to the gym three times last week and did yoga once, which coincidentally reminded me of how bad i suck at balance- figuratively and literally. but i’m keeping that bucket full because it’s operation bikini body around here, y’all! we are planning an anniversary trip this summer. woot! and now, for the blogging bucket. gosh, i missed it. even if no one reads this silly thing, i have realized how important it is to my sanity. i work solo most days and the interaction i find in my wonderful little online community is gratifying and fulfilling. thank you for that.

aren’t you glad to have taken the time out of your busy life to read this breathtakingly exciting update on my life? sheesh. i promise to be more exciting next time. hmmm, maybe i’ll start working on that fainting story…

but for now, i would love to know…how do you strike a balance in your life? what’s important to you? how do you manage it all? basically, i’m asking you to share the secret of the universe. i know you have it…

happiness is…striking a balance.

perception vs. reality

tonight i have a date with Vince {Camuto} and Calvin {Klein}. i suspect B will probably tag along too.

DSC_0197 DSC_0193

tonight we are attending a semi-formal event to benefit the chosen charity of B’s med school class. glamorous, right?


that’s the funny thing about blogging. from this here keyboard, i can construct a post to get you to believe *almost* anything. i carefully curated my new dress and shoes for the photos above. it was silly. i moved it all around, shot from different angles, and then cropped/enhanced the photos.

afterwards, i put everything back where it belonged and didn’t think a thing about it. a few minutes later, i walked by and caught sight of this…


not so glamorous, right? all i could do was laugh. laughter was the only appropriate response. because this, my friends, this is my life. a new shiny dress hanging next to my bathrobe. clean laundry hanging on the door that i just canNOT get motivated to put away. a stack of clothes on the floor (!) that i haven’t had time to take to the dry cleaners. the laundry basket behind the door is full. the floor needs swept, the rug needs vacuumed and…my name brand dress was on CLEARANCE! i timed it just right and caught the store trying to get rid of the leftover New Years Eve dresses in order to make room for the bright, cheery Easter dresses. honesty is much more refreshing, right? i hope so because honestly…

i. am. exhausted.

you know how you can bust your butt in the gym for 6 months, get in the best shape of your life, and then after just a couple of weeks of no exercise you find yourself horribly out of shape? (which i totally am right now.) i have decided that the same goes for work. i am out of work shape. i think i’m getting back into work shape, but not without some aches and pains and a lot of sweat. i am working long days, trying to get a handle on my new territory, and doing loads of training. one day i actually came home, took a bath, and was in my pajamas by 7:00pm. also- i can no longer make it through a television show. and we watch exciting shows! never fails, at about the 40 minute mark, B looks over and i am out cold. does anyone know how Blacklist, Elementary, or The Americans ended over the last 2 weeks? neither do i. while telling my sister about my predicament, she commiserated and said that she felt the same way after returning to work from maternity leave. that made me feel a little better…right up until i remembered that she was tired because she had just given birth to a tiny human! i just have a tiny fat kitty who is largely self sufficient. waaaaaah! i don’t even recognize this girl. but you know what? this girl is happy. this girl is employed. i am truly loving my job and ultimately feel very satisfied by this new super busy pace of life. even if it means i might have to spend all of Saturday catching up on laundry.

but today, today is Friday! so tonight, i will slip into my gold shiny dress and gorgeous new heels, i will apply my make up with a heavy hand (eyeliner covers all sorts of exhaustion), and i will go out with my man. because on Friday nights i get to be young(ish). i get to be fun(ish). i might even get to dance. not really though because i’m pretty (ish) at that too. but i will definitely have a cocktail. i have earned a cocktail.

but imma need a nap first.

dress: Vince Camuto (seriously, if you have a dress wearing occasion coming up…so cheap!)
shoes: Calvin Klein (DSW. sorry, no link. they weren’t on the website.)

i made it til 1:00am! fun was had by all! the Rice Hotel is gorgeous and i’m kicking myself for not taking more photos. here’s a couple…



happiness is…a night out.

food is love

i plan to spend Valentine’s Day getting my car serviced! kidding. kind of. i will only spend *most* of Valentine’s Day getting my car serviced. she’s due for an oil change and i scheduled to get the windows tinted afterwards. since all of that will probably take a while, the dealership agreed to loan me a car. so really, i will probably drive myself to the mall and spend most of V Day shopping. no complaints about that!

then we plan to spend the evening cooking. B and i have a unique take on Valentine’s Day. we typically don’t do gifts or plan anything elaborate, but it’s fun to plan something special to eat. i think food is our love language. and we absolutely loooooove to eat out, we just don’t loooooove to eat out on Valentine’s Day. i don’t know…something about the crowds, the rushed service- it’s just too much pressure. it stresses us out. wow. the longer i type, the older and more crotchety we sound. ha! we are exciting people, i promise! so in lieu of dining out this year, we decided to cook a special meal at home. and no one does special meals better than Ina Garten. i received one of her cookbooks for Christmas, but haven’t had the time to try many of the recipes. actually, the only one i have tried was the chocolate cake with mocha frosting and omg. it was decadent. i baked it before a tough medical school week in which B had 4 (!) exams. because chocolate is the only way to cope during a week like that. see? told ya- food is our love language.

this pic was taken pre-baking as evidenced by the lack of flour on my clothes and chocolate on my face.


so here’s my Ina Garten inspired menu that my sweet Valentine and i have planned:

Rosemary Rack of Lamb


i have never in my life made rack of lamb. Ina makes it look pretty easy though. we will see. *fingers crossed*

Easy Tzatziki


i didn’t even know what tzatziki was until we moved to Houston and ate Greek food at Niko Niko’s. safe to say, i’m a fan.

we are still trying to decide on sides. there will definitely be restaurant style mashed potatoes…coarsely mashed, lots of garlic. yummy. but i still need a vegetable. leaning towards asparagus, brussel sprouts (that one does NOT thrill B), or maybe a greek-style salad with strawberries and feta.

for dessert i’m thinking chocolate covered strawberries or just to keep it really simple, maybe even picking up a mini bundt cake from Nothin’ Bundt Cakes. have you tried that place? oh my goshhhhhh. beyond delicious. and i know myself well enough to know that a nice dinner and a homemade dessert is just too much pressure.

hope we can pull it all off. i’ll report back…

to continue with the food theme, i thought it might be fun to do a foodie inspired photo card for B. because you know i’m not spending $4 on a real card. here’s what i got so far:

B, i love you more than a fat kid loves…


you and i will be together…


and i’m glad that Lola is living proof that you will still love me when i get big and…


that’s all i got so far. whatcha think? romantic, eh?

whatever love language you happen to speak- gifts, flowers, dinner out, dinner in, cuddling on the sofa, hanging with friends, skydiving (i met a girl this week who is going skydiving with her boyfriend! seriously! so rad.)- however YOU like to celebrate Valentines Day, i hope it’s super sweet.

happiness is…a full heart AND a full tummy.

song of the day- Monday edition

this is me- well, the cyberspace version of me- stomping into your bedroom, flicking on the light switch, and saying in my best singsongy voice, “it’s time for…


(for the backstory on song of the day, click here.)

this is my JAM y’all. my happy song if you will. hope it makes you happy too. and maybe even makes you dance a little.


if you’re still all sleepyface after that one, watch this adorable viral vid. i dare you not to feel enthusiastic about your work day/school day afterwards. how fun is this teacher?

and just for giggles- Uptown Funk even causes Ellen to sing and dance…on the treadmill. this is totally going to be me this evening. watch out rec center. i’m coming for ya.

feeling good? we got this, y’all. Monday ain’t got nothin’ on us.

i’m taking my cues from Bruno today cuz i’m…

stylin’ while in, livin’ it up in the city.

don’t believe me just watch.

happiness is…Monday morning. (whaaaat? oh yeah, i said it.)

How I Wore It- Part 3 & $100 Pink Blush Giveaway

today is the third and final post of…

How I Wore It

a style series collaboration with Pink Blush and 4 fashionable blogger friends- Samantha, Deidre, Medge, and Lauryn

(if you missed part 1 and 2, click here and here.)


if i had it my way, this is how i would dress every. single. day. of my life. forever and ever amen. remember my requirements for ‘play‘ clothes? comfortable + fun + edgy. this colorblock dress is flowy and oh-so-comfortable. i love the muted tones and modern look of it. and the faux leather jacket? come on! adds sooooo much edge. throw in a stack of bracelets, killer heels, bright red lips, and boom! ready for a fun night out. as a a matter of fact, when B takes me to the Bush concert in March (SHHHH…he doesn’t know this yet!) i am going to slip back into this exact same outfit. rock on!



pink blush dress





colorblock dress: Pink Blush
faux leather jacket: Pink Blush
tights: Express
shoes: Gianni Bini
bracelets: Alex & Ani, Lily & Laura
lipstick: MAC, Russian Red

this week has been FUN! thanks for all the love, dear readers! also- how gorgeous is Houston? gosh i love this city. these photos were taken in the Sculpture Garden at the Museum of Fine Arts. all photo cred goes to my dear hubby B, who in the midst of a crazy week (4 exams! #medschoolproblems) was willing to walk around with his bride and snap silly pics. he must love me or something. ;)

i can’t wait to see how my blogger girls styled this one up! click below to take a look…

Samantha Elizabeth
Deidre Emme

annnnnnd this is your LAST CHANCE to register for the $100 Pink Blush giveaway! don’t miss out! winner will be announced on Friday.


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How I Wore It- Part 2 & $100 Pink Blush Giveaway!

welcome to the second installment of…

How I Wore It

a style series collaboration with Pink Blush and 4 fashionable blogger friends- Samantha, Deidre, Medge, and Lauryn

(if you missed part 1, click here.)


for this one, i recruited the help of my baby sister. welllll, less recruited and more bossed. and then bribed. but hey- i am the big sister, she is the baby sister. those of you with siblings (especially sisters!) know exactly how this goes. the middle sister and i got pretty good over the years at getting the baby to do whatever we wanted. our favorite line is, “Abbie will do it!” hehe. however it came to be, i am so happy that she came to visit and was willing to play dress-up for my blog. it was like having a life size Barbie doll. soooo fun! you wanna know what really makes me mad though? when we lived under the same roof, we never wore the same size! (there’s 10 years between us.) but now that we live several hundred miles apart? same. darn. size. sometimes life just ain’t fair, y’all. but i showed her a really good time in an effort to entice her to move to Houston. we could instantly double our wardrobes and i just so happen to have big matchmaking plans for her and JJ Watt. ;)

my Sis’s style is a mixture of vintage, bohemian, and just all around Texas gal. (you outta see her boot collection! drool worthy!) we had fun styling up Pink Blush’s dusty pink knit sweater a couple of different ways. it’s perfection with her skin tone and blonde hair! of course, it doesn’t hurt that the girl is a total knockout.

thanks again for your help, Barbie! er uhhhh, i mean Abbie. ;)

DSC_0122 - Version 2

pink blush abbie sweater


sweater: Pink Blush
leopard dress: H&M
tights: Express
shoes: Toms
earrings: Kendra Scott
necklace: White Plum


pink blush abbie scarf


sweater: Pink Blush
scarf: Pink Blush
jeans: American Eagle
boots: Gianni Bini
bracelets: Alex & Ani

and just for fun, here are a few photos from our joint photo sessions over the weekend. sisters are the best, y’all!






i love Pink Blush, my sister now loves Pink Blush, and i know you will love Pink Blush too!

make sure to check out how my blogger gal pals styled up the dusty pink sweater too. seriously, these gals are fantastic and have such class and style.

Samantha Elizabeth
Deidre Emme

and DO NOT FORGET to register to win the $100 giveaway! cha-ching!


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happiness is…playing dress-up.

How I Wore It Style Series & $100 Pink Blush Giveaway!

i am absolutely thrilled to kick off a super fun collaboration with Pink Blush and 4 other lovely bloggers today! welcome to the first post of a three-part series entitled…

How I Wore It 


at this point in my life, defining my sense of style shouldn’t be all that complicated. i’ve had a few years to get to know myself after all. but honestly, if asked to sum up my personal style in just a few words, my response would be…it depends. vague, i know. my closet is literally split down the middle. on the right- work clothes. on the left- play clothes. i have a suit-wearing kind of job which typically requires structured, polished, and classic pieces. which i love. but on the weekends i loosen up a little (or a lot) and i want to wear clothes that are comfortable, fun, and even a little bit edgy. which i also love. safe to say, i just love clothes. period.

but every now and then, on one of those rare, glorious shopping days, i find clothes perfect for either side of the closet. take a look below to see how i styled a couple of adorable items from Pink Blush to create looks for both work and play.

for work:


pink blush work





blue blouse: Pink Blush
black/gold cardigan: Pink Blush
pencil skirt: Express
tights: Express
belt: Target
booties: Gianni Bini
earrings: Kendra Scott
bracelets: Lily & Laura, Alex & Ani

PS. i recently wore this cardigan to a work meeting layered over an olive green silk blouse with a gold zipper detail and skinny leg dress slacks. it looked so pretty! it would look fab with skinny jeans and black pumps too!

 for play:


pink blush play 3



blue blouse: Pink Blush
vest: Express
skinny jeans: Express
boots: MIA
earrings: Kendra Scott
bracelets:Lily & Laura, Alex & Ani

the real issue now is…i think i need to add a third rack to my closet! hmmm, i wonder if B is up for a little project? ;)

make sure to check out how these 4 beautiful, fashionable blogger friends styled the same pieces!

Samantha Elizabeth
Deidre Emme

and whatever you do, DO NOT leave this happy little blog without entering to win a $100 gift card to Pink Blush. then you too can buy multi-functional tops and jackets which in turn cause you to obsess over the sudden lack of organization in your closet. a problem we should all be so lucky to encounter. besides the fact that new clothes, you know, make you look hot. right? come back Wednesday and Thursday to see outfits #2 and #3. winner will be announced on Friday! okay, bye now.


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happiness is…new clothes.

song of the day

i have an assignment for you.

but first, a little background story…

i am a nightmare to wake up in the morning. like seriously, you could spend an 8 hour sleep cycle trapped in a post-apocalyptic world being chased by a herd of zombies with only one bullet left in the chamber and still…having to deal with me upon waking is worse. a couple of people can confirm this for you. the first being my Dad, the second is B. but today, i want to tell you about my Dad’s method and the origination of a little thing i came to know of as ‘Song of the Day.’ growing up, Dad generally gave me at least one courtesy wake-up call in the morning. you know, he’d kindly stick his head into my room and say, “Nat, time to get up.” but i never got up. 10 or so minutes later, he’d flick on the lights and say again, “seriously Nat, time to get up.” by the third wake-up call, it was time to pull out the big guns. he would stomp in all happy (no one wakes up happier than my Dad) and exclaim in a sing-songy voice, “it’s time for Song of the Day.” he would select a CD from his own personal collection (always classic rock), load it in to the stereo alllll the way across the room, crank up the volume, and then leave. just walk out. mean, right? i could only lay there and moan with my pillow over my head for so long before finally deciding to stumble out of bed to silence the stereo. or at least turn it down. seriously, it would shake the room. but you know what? once i was over the shock of jolting awake to electric guitars and drum solos, i found that waking up to rock and roll is actually kind of awesome. it became a game around our house. what song would he choose next? to this day, i can’t hear Cheap Trick’s “I Want You to Want Me” (it’s in the Song of the Day hall of fame) without smiling, singing along, and dancing like a crazy person. that song makes me ridiculously happy.

so since it’s Monday and Mondays always call for a Song of the Day, i have one just for you. i realize this would have been way more appropriate to share with you first thing this morning, but since i am writing this with wet hair, no makeup on, and while sipping on coffee, i figured early afternoon would suffice. ;)

i give to you my new favorite jam- “Fear” by Blue October. fear can be an overriding emotion. it’s paralyzing and can sometimes keep me from doing things that i want to do. this song is an anthem of sorts. it reminds me to be brave. Mondays require bravery. amiright?

and in honor of my Dad, who loves me in spite of the fact that i was a butthead teenager who made him late to work all the time, who taught me to believe in myself, who still listens to rock and roll every day, and who has given me what i think is impeccable taste in music ;), i give you- “I Want You to Want Me” by Cheap Trick. i dare you not to smile. it’s impossible.

happiness is…music in the morning.

resolute…or not

first selfie session of 2015:

attempt #1: look! smile! eh? whaaaaat?


attempt #2: much better! though i must confess, #1 is probably more ‘us’ anyway. caught unaware and kind of silly.


either way, Happy New Year! i know, i know, we are already 9 days in. hey, i never claimed to be prompt.

everything is certainly NEW around here this week. i started my new job (woohoo!), B started a new semester of medical school (yay!), and of course it was the first full week of the new year (yippee!). i loooooove new beginnings! it all feels so fresh and exciting and the anticipation of what *could* happen gives me butterflies.

as promised in last week’s Friday Fun post (read it here…it includes excerpts from my personal journal *gasp*), i have spent a considerable amount of time thinking about my New Year’s resolutions for 2015. but the more i thought about resolutions, the less resolute i became. about everything. i could not think of one thing that felt inspiring, motivating, or even relevant to my life. well, other than the usual suspects which are so incredibly boring that i can say them in 4 or less words…eat less bad food. eat more good food. go to gym. write more. read more. do more. be more. ugh! snoozefest, right? i just couldn’t get excited. and really, am i ever going to stick to anything that i can’t get excited about in the first place? big fat nope. in my quest for motivation, i even went back and reviewed last years resolutions…

eat organically- sounds all healthy and well-intentioned until you’re unemployed. yep, out the window.

get fit- this one waxes and wanes for me. always has, always will. did i gain weight? no. am i ‘fit’? no.

play more- hurrah! we actually did this! we played so much that fun actually become a part of our lifestyle. as it should have been all along, i suppose.

write more- i didn’t crank out near as many blogs as i would have liked to, but i feel proud of the content that i did write.

overall, my resolutions weren’t an utter failure. but still, did i even remember them a year later? big fat nope. i guess i am at an impasse. it almost feels defeatist not to claim resolutions or goals over this new year, but i am not a defeatist. nuh-uh, not this girl. but it also feels insincere to make a bunch of resolutions that i don’t feel all that invested in. what to do?

well, i went to church. (i promise i won’t get all preachy on you, okay? nobody likes a Bible beater.) but it was there, during the first prayer and worship gathering of the year that i realized how little control i had over 2014. i made goals and plans and resolutions. i put it on my blog for all the world to see. then i missed the mark. but my prayers? my deepest, longing prayers were answered in 2014. every. single. one. i don’t say that to boast about my perfect life because it is anything but. in fact, the couple of years leading up to 2014 were haaaaaard. like, give you a stomach ulcer kind of hard. but 2014, it was chock full of all the good things. still hard at times and crazy for sure, but full of goodness.

i can’t anticipate what 2015 will bring. after days and days of thought (well, 9 of them to be exact) ;), i ultimately decided not to make any resolutions this year. i can only hope that this year is full of all the same goodness as last year…but in a less insane, change-everything-about-your-life kind of way. know what i mean? i would like to settle for a while. to plant roots in this city i have already come to love. to deepen relationships. to be a better wife, daughter, sister, friend. to continue to support my B in the best way i know how. to find my place at work. to display kindness. to be a bright spot in the days of others. and to love on those around me. i guess if i had to sum up one thing that i definitely want to do in 2015, it would be that simple phrase…love more.

i also plan to say lots and lots of prayers. and that my friends, is going to be more than enough.

P.S. sorry to go so deep on you this early in the year. ha! what can i say? new beginnings make me introspective.

happiness is…everything new.
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