3 things NOT to say to a childless woman

over the last several years, i have become increasingly more aware of the social phenomenon known as the ‘mommy wars.’ after all, i am at that age now. you know, the age in which most of the couples around me are procreating. but truthfully, it’s hard for anyone at any age to miss this war. it rages on via every social media outlet. there are articles, books, and blogs about it. the arguments seem to go on and on…breastfeeding versus formula, working moms versus stay at home moms, sleep schedules, nutrition, vaccinations, etc. i believe this phenomenon to be disconcerting for many reasons, but being that i am a childless woman, it has never before applied to me. i keep my head down and my opinions to myself. recently, however, there are times in which i find myself thrust into these so-called mommy wars…without actually being a mommy.

while i have come to the realization that mothers have probably judged one another for centuries, it seems like a new thing to be judged for not being a mother. or maybe i just happen to notice it more now because, again, that age. *ahem* whatever the reason, i constantly feel the need to defend my lifestyle of childlessness. i keep thinking that the expectation society places on women will shift in a direction that no longer pressures us to choose between career and children, because i hope to have both someday. isn’t that the american dream? to have it all? however, society continues to send mixed messages to women. sometimes they are subliminal, but oftentimes, they are downright blatant. we have all been indoctrinated with the idea that women should be independent, yet selfless. tough, yet nurturing. powerful, yet tender. is your head spinning yet? mine is.

as i began to ponder the societal implications of mommy wars 2.0: moms vs non-moms, a few specific phrases came to mind and thus this list was born. (no pun intended. okay, you got me…it was intended. i love a good pun.) moving on. this is what made my unofficial list of…

3 things NOT to say to a childless woman:


1) “you will never know/understand how much you can love someone until you have a child.”

ugh. where do i even start with this one? i do believe that the love you have for your child is a unique kind of love. i really do. but what this says to me is, “you are missing out” or “i know something you don’t know” or even worse, “unless you have a child you will go to your grave with a big empty hole in your heart.” okay, so that last one was a little dramatic, but i am trying to make a point here. i know about love now. i understand love now. the fact that i am childless does not mean that i am emotionally stunted.

i realize that parenthood sets people apart. it’s healthy and necessary to connect with those in the same stage of life, but sometimes it feels like moms have created an exclusive, members-only club that i have been deemed unworthy to join because i couldn’t possibly ‘understand.’ that’s not nice.

2) “when are you going to have a baby?”

now before you get to thinking that i’m just defensive, i honestly don’t mind discussing this with family or close friends. i prefer that it at least falls within the context of the conversation and i can volunteer the information. however, when put on the spot by someone i don’t know very well, it feels little intrusive. right? we are talking about my reproductive plans, after all. but being the polite southern gal that i am, i always answer kindly, though vaguely. but please know that the entire time, i am squirming in my skinny jeans because i fear your reaction. will you disapprove? will you think i am a horrible, selfish, loveless person? this seemingly meaningless question can sometimes make a childless woman feel like, “you are not enough” or “the life you currently have is not enough.” i have worked hard to create this life for myself. it is a privilege to love the life you live, and i do. i am proud of that. it is a strange emotion to be made to feel inadequate because of something i have yet to do, but probably will. rest assured, i am a fulfilled person right now. please continue to take an interest in me. i just might surprise you.

one final thought on this one…what if i was trying (which i’m not- you have realized this by now, but i have to say it anyway), but what if i wanted a baby and was having trouble conceiving? it would be deeply painful trying to find the words to answer this question every. single. time. so in order to avoid additional agony for those struggling with infertility, let’s not even ask the question in the first place.

3) “just don’t wait too long.”

generally the follow-up statement to question number two. are you suggesting that at any moment, my lady parts needed to bear a child are going to shrivel up and die? so cruel! this warning seeks to instill fear, and in my experience, fear-based decisions are rarely good decisions. i am doing the best that i can to keep this body of mine healthy in hopes that it is up to the task someday. we will see.

turns out, i also don’t believe in the concept of ‘waiting too long.’ it is never too late to do anything you want to do. and i’m not just quoting that from an inspirational pinterest board. i genuinely live that way. i am also well aware of the fact that i don’t have to actually birth a baby to have a baby. there is more than one way to create a family.


since i consider myself a feminist, this idea of warring women baffles me. i cannot wrap my mind around the idea of making each other feel so inadequate over choices that we have earned the right to make- regarding children or otherwise. no one is holding us back, gals. except for us. we are our own worst enemy. let’s stop worrying about whether or not we are enough, and just accept that we are. kids or no kids. career or no career. those things don’t define us, only we can do that.

i really fretted about whether or not to write on this subject, but i felt it was a conversation worth having. this also gives you so much ammunition to launch at me when i am a mom someday. you’re welcome. ;) in a few years i might feel differently, but for now, i plan to enjoy this special time in my life and do my best to be a d*mn good auntie. living in the present is a beautiful thing and my desire is to be at peace in this very moment, yet open to whatever the future may hold. in the meantime, i owe it to myself (and you) to be authentic, genuine and honestly searching.

to all my mom friends who are reading this: i want you to know that i admire you. i know what you do is hard. so hard. why do you think i haven’t done it yet? ha! but seriously, no matter what everyone decides to shout about in the next round of the mommy wars, i need you to know that i am on your side. yes, this non-mommy is on your side. i know that you are giving your child(ren) your very best. i’ve got your back. i hope you have mine too.

happiness is…calling a truce.



did you know that i just celebrated my 1 YEAR BLOGIVERSARY?! well, last month actually, but still…can you believe it? i certainly can’t. no cake, flowers, or gifts marked the occasion, yet i feel such a huge sense of accomplishment.

but then again, it all feels a little anticlimactic now because i started writing this post back in february, intended to post it exactly one year to the day of my inaugural post, but then i got distracted and kind of forgot. which is quite hilarious considering the context of this post. you will soon understand why it is such a big deal that i not only stuck with blogging for an entire year, but managed to do it consistently. go me!

you see, i tend to live in a world of extremes. i don’t know why i am this way, i just know that i am. i couldn’t tell you how long i have been this way, only that i cannot remember a time when i wasn’t.

i see this pattern in many areas of my life. fitness, for example. oh. my. goodness. when i get on a fitness kick, watch out people. especially B…he should definitely watch out. and wouldn’t you know?! unluckily for him, i happen to be on a pretty good one right now. it simply had to be done. spring break in a bikini + approaching Texas summer = perfect storm. anyways, this whole fitness kick/obsession/illness what have you generally goes down like this:

a) replace all of the food in the house with organic, all natural, high protein, heart healthy food overnight. just yesterday an exasperated B said, “i need a cookie, or some candy, or heck- just a carb! we have no carbs!” *insert evil laugh here*

b) buy expensive organic multivitamins and take them religiously…or whenever i happen to remember.

c) count every calorie.

d) scream at the cute high-schooler at chick-fil-a who put breaded chicken on my salad instead of grilled. not really though because i got all the way home before i noticed. but the nerve!

e) hire B as my personal trainer. instantly regret it. retaliate by serving kale chips with dinner.

trust me, this list could go all the way to z, but i’ll spare you.

basically, in my efforts to get fit, i manage to drive myself and my sweet hubby ab-so-lute-ly nuts. and then…i fall off the wagon! then i wallow in it. i shame myself. i eat cupcakes for breakfast. my thighs get squishy. at some point, i miraculously recover and bribe myself to get back at it. with clothes, a trip, something. then it takes another several months to ramp up to the intensity that i feel is adequate again. i’m not saying this is healthy, but in the words of my B- ‘it is what it is.’

and that’s only one example. there’s also my guitar. oh how i yearned for a guitar! i shopped and researched and gazed at B with rock star dreams in my eyes until he- being the encourager of my every fleeting idea- bought it for me. i was a rock star for approximately 2.8 days. something about that powerful instrument intimidated me. i put it down and have yet to pick it back up. so, long story short…i was going to be a rock star. and then i wasn’t. but now i want to again. maybe i will call someone about lessons tomorrow. wonder if i can start next week?

aaaaand, ever since we returned from Mexico, i want to learn Spanish…again. (it didn’t stick the first time.) so, i bought a Rosetta Stone app and have been practicing basic phrases daily. now i’m debating whether or not to spend the several hundred dollars on the whole program. there’s a good chance it will end up in the corner collecting dust…along with my beautiful Fender.

see how this works? i know, i know, i’m tired too. i don’t know how not to be this way. i am an exhausting human being. try living with me.

but you know what? amazingly enough, i have actually learned to like this side of myself. well, maybe not necessarily like it per say, but at least appreciate it. i felt my mindset shift when i turned 30. i guess i realized that at this point it might be too late to change certain things about myself. don’t misunderstand me, i believe in advancing as a person and improving situations that i have control over, but at 30-years-old is it possible to change your very nature? i don’t know…maybe? is it too much work sometimes? definitely.

i hate to be sappy and cliché (but i will), and say that writing is what was missing in my life, but what the heck, i just said it. it’s true. it’s kind of like bra shopping. you don’t realize your old bra is squishy and pokey until you buy a new one and then ahhhh, all is right with the world. writing is that for me. (be gone sappy and cliché!) heh heh.

in all seriousness though, writing has given me a unique way of not only sharing my life, but tracking my own personal growth over the last year. a year of massive change. the most i have ever experienced in a 12 month span. it has allowed me to look at myself in a new light. to take the things that annoy me or frighten me and transform them into something useful, likeable, or at least, tolerable.

i hate to be cheesy (even more so than sappy and cliché) but whatever, i’m on a roll here…writing has made me like myself more. and at the risk of sounding narcissistic, writing has made me think about myself more. evaluate where i am, how i got there and where i hope to be. it forces me to expose my flaws. it makes me contemplate my many neuroses and realize that those things make me, me.

overall, i’m simply learning that it just feels healthier to focus on what i am instead of what i am not. it is refreshing to perceive myself as passionate and excitable instead of impulsive and flaky. to realize that my lack of structure allows for flexibility that benefits our lifestyle. and maybe most importantly, that my emotions make me strong, not weak.

whew! did this type of personal revelation take anyone else 30 dadgum years? i have no frame of reference. one moment i feel way ahead of the game and other times i feel 19.

either way, thanks for reading over the last year as i work through what this version of me looks like. the 30-year-old. the nomad. the crazy cat lady. the supportive wife about to put her husband through medical school (holy cow!). the writer.

maybe this year i will work on balance…IF i get around to it. ha!

happiness is…a year of writing.

PS. here is my first post ever. in 12 months, i went from short and sweet to looooong and wordy. ha! virtual fist bump (and blow it up!) if you made it through today’s novel.


we’re not in Kansas anymore

i have been thinking about Dorothy a lot lately. you know, this Dorothy…


you see, i went through a phase in my childhood in which i spent every. single. day. with Dorothy. and of course the Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Cowardly Lion. i looooved The Wizard of Oz. well, i loved it right up until the Wicked Witch of the West or the flying monkeys made their appearance. and then i cried…every. single. day. but i always managed to muster the courage to try it again the very next day. my mother would gently remind me that yesterday it had made me cry, but i always assured her that today would be different. today i would be brave. you know where this is going, right? i cried again. every. single. day. i think it was years before i actually saw the movie in its entirety.

turns out i had a lot in common with the Cowardly Lion.

anyway, i got all sidetracked…back to Dorothy. after all the time she and i spent together, i expected more. i feel betrayed. mislead. deceived.

you know that whole, “there’s no place like home” bit? it’s a lie.

i know this because i recently discovered that “there’s a place better than home.”

and that place is Mexico.

Cabo San Lucas to be exact.

if you have been wondering where i have been, that’s where.

if you are wondering why i came back, well…so am i.

we had the most dreamy spring break ever. the resort was stunningly beautiful. the weather was divine. the friends we traveled with were an absolute blast. we zip-lined, rode wave runners, went whale watching on a sailboat (my favorite), had a spa day, and ate fabulous food. and when we weren’t on big adventures, we were lounging by beautiful pools or in cabanas on the beach. seriously the best vacation ever.

hate me yet? okay, i’ll stop.

but not before i make you look at some pictures! it was just too good not to document. you know, for posterity’s sake and all.









ahhhhhh, i just relived it. minus the fish tacos and mojitos though. boo.

ironically enough, we were barely home long enough to wash the sand out of our clothes before we loaded up the car for a road trip to check out our new home- Kansas City.

it’s all very surreal. and weird. but definitely exciting.

it’s just that the whole concept of ‘home’ feels foreign to me right now. our Texas home is temporary, but KC won’t officially be home until we move this summer. we find ourselves homeless. not literally, of course, but figuratively speaking.

and even though Cabo is impossible to top, i can’t help but wonder if Dorothy knew something about home that i have yet to learn. when she clicks her ruby slippers together and chants “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home,” you know where she’s trying to get back to, right?


i think this bodes well for us.

happiness is…a change of scenery.

contributing thoughts

me: “i’m a contributor!”

you: “to society?”

me: “not really…”

you: “to what then?”

me: “to another blog!”

yes, it’s true. for the last year i have been writing as a contributing blogger for a fabulous site called Lives of Doctor Wives. i have been writing on the topic of the ‘pre-med perspective’ because that’s all the perspective i’ve got right now. we have been eating, sleeping, and breathing all things pre-med for over two years. talk to me in december though…one semester into medical school and i imagine life will look mighty different for this redhead and her med student.

but for now, if you are interested in my perspective (and why wouldn’t you be?) read the posts linked in below. it also might help fill in some gaps as to what the heck we have been up to the past couple of years. because i’m simply too tired to rehash it all. and trust me, you don’t have that kind of time. so really, i’m doing this for you…because i love you.

A New Beginning

No Kicking Allowed!

Waiting is the Hardest Part

A Fork in the Road

that last one will look familiar…it is an adaptation from a recent post you might have already read here on the happy redhead.

i have SO enjoyed writing these. it has been fun to share our story with other wives and families who are on the same crazy journey. that’s the thing about blogging…it has a way of connecting people who might never cross paths otherwise. i have drawn wisdom from and been encouraged by women across the country that i have never even met. and though our journey might be different from yours, i can say the same thing for you, dear readers. we received so much love after sharing our big news last week. we are touched, humbled and so very appreciative. it’s fun sharing life with you.

happiness is…friends near and far.

big news

we finally got the news we have been waiting on and i couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. it has to do with this guy.


that cute fella you see there…well, he is going to be a doctor! my sweet, handsome, brilliant B has been accepted to medical school!

can you hear the resounding WOOHOO coming from our apartment?! lots of shouting going on around here lately. the good kind though. oh, and some weeping (for me anyways). i don’t know what it is about mealtime, but every time i sit down to eat i just want to weep into my food. i’m just so grateful. and so happy. and so proud. and so relieved. i have so many emotions right now that i haven’t quite sorted them all out yet.

this moment has literally been years in the making and it is going to take more than one blog post to fill you in, but i do plan to write about it in due time. you know, when i am less blubbery and more eloquent. just the process of getting accepted to medical school alone has been truly life-changing, so i can hardly imagine what it will be like when B actually starts school this summer. just the thought is enough to make me wanna…well, cry. weep. sob. AGAIN. but don’t worry, friends! every tear is a happy one.

for the first time in a long time, i feel like we can finally look forward; however, being a gal prone to sentimentality, i feel the need to look back first. many events along the way have influenced this path. i have been reflecting on the thought of my B as a little boy. a little boy who i never knew, but can so clearly imagine. i picture him sitting anxiously in a hospital waiting room while his grandfather (whom he adored) underwent major heart surgery. when the surgeon finally emerged, he held a pen and paper sketch of his grandfather’s heart. the surgery had been so complicated that should he ever need another operation, the next surgeon would need to know exactly what had been done. that moment of relief for his grandfather and admiration for the surgeon left a lasting mark on an impressionable boy. not long afterwards, B’s grandparents bought him an anatomy book. as 10-year-old B studied that book about the human heart, God planted a seed in his own heart.

i get such an overwhelming sense of peace thinking about that. it serves as such a sweet, tender reminder not only of B’s desire to pursue this endeavor, but an even bigger reminder of what God has done to bring it to fruition. you see, my B dreams big dreams. always has. he dreams the kind of dreams that terrify a ‘safe’ gal such as myself. but you know what? our God dreams even bigger. God can take a dream from 20 years ago and redeem it in the most beautiful and unexpected ways. the road to get here has been long and arduous, and B’s schooling/training (almost a decade of it!) will probably be more demanding than i can even fathom, but i wholeheartedly believe that we arrived exactly where we were meant to exactly when we were meant to.

so, here we are…my med student and i, having celebratory dinner at ‘our place’.


over the years we have celebrated birthdays, anniversarys, valentines, and graduations here. but more importantly, this is the place where i said YES 9 years and 20 days ago. had you told me then what our lives would look like now, i would have never believed you. and i’m glad i didn’t know, because life is so much more fun that way. i am so incredibly glad that i said YES to this life with this man. a life full of love, friendship, and most certainly, adventure.

thank you kindly for indulging such an emotional, sappy, beaming wife. and if you have a few prayers to spare, we would appreciate them as we prepare to move to Kansas City over the summer, where our next chapter is just waiting to be written.

happiness is…a dream redeemed.

what i’m wearing- work edition

straight up, work clothes are hard for me. real hard. for a couple of reasons really. the first one simply being preference. if it were up to me, my wardrobe would consist solely of jeans. skinny jeans, holey jeans, boot cut jeans…i don’t discriminate. and maybe a couple pairs of yoga pants. casual. i prefer casual. also, i’m hard to fit. at almost 5’10″, i wear the exact same inseam as my husband who happens to be 6’3″. fashion is getting better for tall gals all the time (hallelujah), but it’s still not a cake walk.

alas, a girls gotta wear something. i need to look put together and professional for my job. and, i should add, i cannot spend a fortune doing so. my approach to work wear may seem simple, but simple works for me. i try to…

  • buy good basics. lots of great slacks, skirts, jackets.
  • stick to neutral colors on the more expensive pieces so it’s easier to mix and match.
  • buy comfortable heels. i insist on wearing heels to work, so they must feel good. come to think of it, i don’t even own a pair of dressy flats.

is this boring? am i boring? i can feel myself losing you. hang in there! here comes the good part…

behold! what i’m wearing to work.

franco sarto

franco sarto oxford pumps

i love women in menswear inspired clothing. and these are very menswear with just enough femininity added in the heel. turns out, my husband does not particularly love the menswear look. and you know what? he was right…at first. i wore these with a really structured suit one day, and guess what, i just looked like a man. not okay. if not done properly, the menswear look can go wrong in a hurry. so, to keep from looking masculine in these shoes, i pair them with a pencil skirt, a feminine top, chunky jewelry, OR my personal favorite- these pants…

express pant 2

express slim leg editor pants

these pants paired with the oxford heels…so cute! make sure to wear a no-show sock so your ankles can peep out too. i love to wear these with a suit jacket and a flowy top underneath. they are just tight enough to give me some shape without looking like i’m wearing tights. and of course they come in long (or short!) if you order online.

porofino shirt 2

express portofino shirt

i wore this shirt today! appropriate for valentine’s day, dontcha think? i wore it with a red pencil skirt, black tights, and the gianni bini booties i’m about to show you. it was very cute and valentine-ish. you’ll just have to trust me…i didn’t take a picture because it makes me feel silly.

*FYI- express is having a major sale this weekend. everything is 40% off. if you’re interested, now is the time. and don’t tell your husband where you heard that. shhhhh!

hm skirt full view

h&m pencil skirt

i hate to act surprised, but this skirt fits so nicely! sometimes ‘cheap chic’ stores (h&m, forever 21, etc) don’t fit my body type. on my long body, the shirts are too short-waisted, normal skirts turn into mini-skirts, and the pants are always high-waters. but this skirt comes all the way to the knee. perfect! i actually purchased it in black, but i like it so much i’m going to order the navy one too. and you can’t beat the price…$25.

aaaaaand, these are the booties (in black) i wore today. i really wanted to include them in this post, but then they sold out just this week…

gianni bini

gianni bini booties

but then i decided to include them anyway, because i thought you might be happy for me. no? well, then i certainly won’t tell you that i got them for $30. i know, end of season, blah blah blah. but in this part of texas, this season will go on for at least a couple more months. either way, if you need great heels, i generally find gianni bini to be my favorite work shoe. always comfortable.

geez nat, enough work talk already!

so, what are you doing for valentine’s day? we are staying in. at what point in a relationship does that become okay, i wonder? whatever that point that is, we reached it years ago. you know…the crowds, the expense, etc, etc. a couple of old fuddy duddies we are. but i’m quite pleased about it, really. we are going to have steamed crab legs, new potatoes, corn on the cob, and cheese biscuits. can you tell we’re ready for summer around here? ha! oh, and i waited in a crazy long line today for two chocolate cupcakes. this is so incredibly dorky, but we have also been saving all the valentine episodes of Modern Family on our dvr for tonight. ohmygosh we love that show. so funny.

one last little thing before we part for a fun weekend. i wrote this just for you…

roses are red,
violets are blue.
you’re so nice for reading,
the happy redhead loves you.

happiness is…a great outfit.

PS. i am in no way affiliated with any of the aforementioned brands. BUT should they ever come ringing, i could be persuaded to wear their fabulous items and write about them for the benefit of my readers. all 10 of them. just throwing that out into the universe.

what i wore

picture this…

a teenage girl growing up in the 90′s with really bad bangs. which at some point morphed from fluffy to a single roll across the forehead. remember that look? this girl’s life consisted mostly of: 1) sports- basketball, track, cross-country, cheerleading. 2) fashion- plaid, mary janes, Calvin Klein. 3) music- No Doubt all day, every day. 4) boys- what a waste of time.

this girl…


look familiar? i think this was taken in the 8th grade (1996ish?) and i think it was before i ever put artificial color in my hair. so the whole *happy redhead* thing isn’t a complete lie. there’s a little red in there.

so that girl you just saw…she loved clothes and dreamed of working in the fashion industry someday. however, there’s not too many fashion influences in a small Texas town of only a few thousand people. i was always super proud of my outfits from Target though…still am, actually! let’s just say that i was not very exposed to the world. which in hindsight was probably such a good thing. anyway, i did the best i could and tried to stay on trend, but i think we can all agree that i definitely missed the mark on the hair. sheesh.

so where does an adolescent girl go to be exposed to all things teenager-y? the movies, of course! basically, my main goal in life was to look like i walked straight off the set of Clueless or Empire Records.

Clueless movie poster

empre records

this is what i actually looked like…



ha! welp, i tried. i did okay on the knee-highs, i think. and the purple plaid skirt is pretty rad. short, too! i must have had to beg my parents for that one. my sales skills must go waaaay back.

anyways, i especially hoped that someday, somewhere, somehow my mornings would be similar to those of Cher Horowitz from Clueless. i would sit in my undies at my touch screen computer and digitally select the perfect designer outfit all with just the push of a button. oh, and David Bowie would be singing to me in the backgroud…

“fash-ion, turn to the left. fash-ion, turn to the right. oooo-oooo fash-ion.”

if you have forgotten that particular scene (*gasp* how could you?) please do yourself a favor and watch the first minute and a half of the clip below.

glamorous, right?

instead, i had one of those closets with sliding wooden doors and a single rod across. every now and then, the rod would get so heavy that it would come crashing down in the middle of the night. why then i wonder? always at nighttime. i, of course, would run screaming for my dad because the monster in my closet had definitely decided to eat me. and now i share a closet with a boy. a man-boy! it’s chock full of Nike, Under Armour, The North Face, and a sneaker for every occasion.

not so glamorous, right?

even though my life still might not resemble Cher’s, technology is better than i could have predicted as a naive pre-teen. i just so happen to have access to devices such as the iPad and iPhone that allow me to shop online, read fashion blogs, look at Pinterest, etc…all with just the push of a button! while, i should add, simultaneously listening to the crooning of David Bowie in the background via iTunes. fashion is more accessible now than ever. i guess the only negative is that i don’t quite have the budget that Cher had. as if! (sorry, i had to)

by no means do i deem myself to be a fashionista, but i do like to have fun with fashion and take some risks with it. and i must do this on a budget. one income here, y’all. so, without spending a ton-o-money, i’m in the process of ramping up my wardrobe again. i kind of let it slide the past few years. most of our disposable income seemed to get sucked down the vortex that is home ownership. i think i’ve done a decent job adding in some new pieces while mixing with old and i thought it might be fun to share some of this with you. maybe if i find something particularly good. or weird. i ask B if i look weird all the time but he never really knows what to say. or maybe he’s just too smart to get involved…very likely, ha!

so, this entire long post delving into 90′s fashion to demonstrate ‘what i wore’ was really just a lead-in to my new feature called ‘what i’m wearing.’ i think i’ll start with work wear. i’ve found some really great, reasonable pieces lately. i will make a point to let you know where i found them and price points. and be a pal, would ya? if you’ve found a bargain recently, do tell. i’m all ears. we are past that whole accusatory “she copied my look!” thing, aren’t we?  i plan to post installment 1: ‘what i’m wearing- work edition’, next week.

but for now, can we just stop and take this moment in? why, you ask? because 90′s fashion is back, people! i’m seeing lots of plaid. the chunky lace-up boots over fall/winter were totally reminiscent of Doc Martins. and then…Doc Martins themselves seem to have made a comeback, big time. that gives me hope. crop tops, floral prints, platform sneakers. squeeeee! i’m just so happy. however, i haven’t seen any knee-high socks with black mary janes yet. we should work on that.

i can’t be the only one celebrating the resurgence of the 90′s grunge look? please say you’re with me on this one. arise, 90′s!

with or without you, i’m getting on this bandwagon. for a second time. and i’m sure i will have some fashion fails. for a second time. but unlike the first time, they will be documented on the internet for all the world to see. eeek! whatever. i’m off to listen to Nirvana and not wash my hair. all weekend. dang, i’m good at this adolescent angst stuff.

happiness is…a comeback.